They blow shit up and make monsters unable to attack/move.

Also used to capture monsters.

juuza is well known for being a faggot and carrying 10000x of each bomb/ trap.

Crowd Control Bombs

Flash Bomb: 1 Flashbug + 1 Bomb Material = 1 Flash Bomb. This is your bread and butter bomb, you can carry 5 maximum, and 10 more in materials. The base success rate is 75%, so they should be combined with at least the first 3 combo books. The flash bomb "blinds" some monsters (Exceptions being the Piscines, Bulls, Crabs, and Khezu), with an approximated highest effectiveness for Raths, Blos, and Akantor (Short duration, but he won't attacked while flashed + stops his charge).

Sonic Bomb: 1 Screamer + 1 Bomb Material = 1 Sonic Bomb. Most often used for piscines to draw them out of the water/sand, the Sonic Bomb emits a loud screech that can disorient some monsters. The Ceph's will always be knocked out of the sand and flail on the ground a bit. Plesioth's will have a 50% chance of enraging after being sonic'd, and thier chance of leaping out is based on thier position and remaining life. Kut Ku will be dazed momentarily and drop a shiny item, but will enrage afterwards. If the Daimyo Hermitaur is inside its shell, a sonic bomb will stun it.

Dung Bomb: 1 Dung + 1 Bomb Material = 1 Dung Bomb. This specialized bomb is mostly used to drive most monsters OUT of an area. The only other use for Dung Bombs so far has been to "stun" the khezu, as it searches by sense of smell.